Talisker Distillers Edition 2021 45.8% abv

Talisker Distillers Edition 2021 45.8% abv


2011 Talisker double-matured in ex-bodega Amoroso cask wood for rich and fruity sweetness that rounds out the peaty, peppery punch of the malty regular release, to create a richly rewarding and deeper style of malt. Part of the 2021 Distillers Edition range. Limited quantities worldwide.

Remarkable; the stuff of legend. Very well focused. Wonderful grapey sultana sweetness. Clean, tempting.

Magnificent; crisp peat softens to enormous richness, then wafts around sweet, roasted malt, leaving a heathland dryness. Wood controls the pepper; luscious, slightly oily sweetness; ripe, juicy fruit.

Deep cocoa, vanilla and lingering, earthy peat. Very engaging; great sweet-dry balance, led by sweetness.
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