High Coast Madeira Single Cask  59.5% ABV

High Coast Madeira Single Cask 59.5% ABV

We gladly admit that we are at the absolute outskirts of the whisky world. Far from the motorways and far from the world’s whisky stores, but we are where we are because we know what the nature up here provides to us. It is not the northern nature in itself that makes our whisky special – even if the forests, expanses and the high clean air certainly do their part. We do not believe that there is any distillery in the world that has such large temperature variations in its warehouses as the High Coast Distillery.
The temperature variations between summer and winter and between day and night are dramatic in Norrland. A cold winter can take the temperature to 30 degrees below zero and hot summer days it can be almost 70 degrees warmer. Whisky that matures in the large, unheated warehouses is exposed to the enormous forces of nature. During hot days, the pressure in the barrels increase, the whisky expands and penetrates deeper into the oak. Deep inside the barrel, the oak’s flavours are released, which come out when the temperature and pressure drop again. The temperature changes are ongoing, day and night.
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Cask type : Madeira
in Cask : 2015 -07-01 to 2021 -12-06
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