• Tasting Event Schedule

    Whether you’re an amateur or expert, our events are sure to please. From tasting old favourites to new undercover distilleries, we will guide you through tastings from around the world. Additionally, Brand Ambassadors and experts will be here to assist on taking your knowledge of wines, beer, and spirits to the next level.
    Book early to avoid disappointment as tickets do sell fast!

    Airdrie Rum Festival

    Sierra Springs Liquor is proud to introduce the first Airdrie Rum Festival on November 29, 2017. Get ready to take a rum journey around the world by tasting over 60 rare rums and delicious craft cocktails prepared. Rum is the most diverse and versatile of the spirits. Great on its own over ice, perfect blended with your favourite mixer, or shaken up in a cocktails, rum is the perfect drink for any occasion! All products tasted will have an additional 15% off!

    Airdrie Fall Wine Festival

    We are happy to announce our Airdrie Fall Wine Fest being held on October 25, 2017 from 7pm- 9pm. Discover numerous 90+ point new wines that are perfect for the warm days and cool nights of the fall season. Over 80 wines from renowned vineyards and boutique wineries will be on showcase alongside delicious samples of cheese from Crowfoot Spring Bank Cheese and Charcuterie from the Italian Super Market. All products tasted will have an additional 15% off for the night! Tickets sell fast so buy yours now! You may have heard our events sell out fast, so do not make the mistake of missing this amazing tasting!